Curtiss-Wright to Provide Actuators for US Army’s Next Missile Defense System

Leidos segment Dynetics has awarded Curtiss-Wright a contract to support the US Army’s future missile defense capabilities.

As part of the agreement, Curtiss-Wright will develop electromechanical actuators that move and control a mechanism or an entire system.

The contract features a support option for 400 additional launchers and associated interceptors.

The resulting actuators will be integrated into the first 16 Dynetics-built Enduring Shield ground-based launcher systems being produced for the army.

The actuators will be manufactured at Curtiss-Wright’s facility in Chanhassen, Minnesota, and incorporate the firm’s proprietary Exlar roller motor and screw technologies.

“Curtiss-Wright has a long history of supporting the U.S. Army’s ground defense systems through their products,” Leidos Dynetics Group President Steve Cook stated.

“We know they’ll be a valuable part of our team, and we look forward to working with them on our Enduring Shield launchers.”

Sustaining ‘Most Critical’ Defense Ground System

According to Curtiss-Wright, the actuator systems meet both performance and environmental requirements necessary for US Army anti-missile operations.

The capability can also be used for related applications in the defense, industrial, and commercial aerospace markets.

“Curtiss-Wright is very proud to have been chosen by Dynetics to provide our elevation and stabilization actuators in support of this critical US Army missile defense system,” Curtiss-Wright Corporation CEO and Chairperson Lynn Bamford said.

“Our collaboration with the US Army to develop actuation technologies reflects Curtiss-Wright’s long-standing commitments and on-going support of the U.S. Army’s most critical ground defense platforms.”

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