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Israel Unveils Three Steps to ‘Neutralize’ Iran’s Nuclear Program

Israel’s outgoing army chief Aviv Kochavi has unveiled the country’s three operational plans to “neutralize” the controversial nuclear program of its arch-foe Iran.

According to him, Tehran has enough fissile material to produce four bombs using highly-enriched uranium.

It has also activated a “weapons team” under the nuclear program, but is reportedly working at a “very slow pace.”

The alarming progress in Iran’s nuclear efforts has prompted Jerusalem to come up with various strategies to prevent its rival from obtaining or producing nuclear weapons.

The first step would be to initiate a preemptive strike on Iran that would be unrelated to the nuclear issue.

Israel also has plans to take out Iranian nuclear installations and auxiliary sites to halt its progress.

“And if the situation eventually escalates into a full-fledged campaign, then these plans also include the targeting of military sites and other assets,” Kochavi told Israel Hayom.

Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran has reportedly been conducting scientific research on technologies to make nuclear weapons.

The country has built several research sites, uranium mines, and uranium processing facilities to support such an initiative.

In 2016, the International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed that Iran completed all the necessary steps to ensure that its nuclear program remains “exclusively peaceful.”

However, countries such as the US and Israel have been opposing the effort, vowing to utilize “all means” to stop Iran’s nuclear bomb development.

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