US, UK Jointly Develop AI Toolbox to Support Warfighters

The US and the UK have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) toolbox to support various warfighting missions.

Experts from the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) and the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) conducted a demonstration of the AI-based technology in two military exercises.

During the event, a joint task force deployed the toolbox for the first time to allow participants to choose which AI tools were appropriate for specific warfighting scenarios.

The toolbox reportedly leveraged data from drones and unmanned ground vehicles to provide the needed AI support.

According to the US AFRL, the main objective of the demonstration is to show how the toolbox can deliver mission-specific AI that meets the ever-changing mission conditions and needs of warfighters.

“Both exercises addressed the challenge of making AI and autonomy agile, adaptable, trustworthy, and accessible to warfighters, albeit under different US and UK military use cases,” it stated in a press release.

Winning Future Battles

Apart from the toolbox, the AFRL and DSTL produced model cards to make AI understandable and allow users to select appropriate algorithms for every mission.

According to US project lead Lee Seversky, it is becoming more and more critical to make the technology trusted and understandable for military users.

The toolbox and its model cards reportedly allow accelerated decision-making in an evolving operational environment.

“The joint AI toolbox, with its ability to adapt and deliver AI for different joint military missions, is critical. AI flexibility and speed is key to moving us towards this goal,” he explained.

DSTL autonomy program manager John Godsell said that autonomous systems and AI are critical to the mission success of current and future warfighters.

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