Russia Sends More Military Equipment to Belarus, Adding to ‘New Invasion’ Concern

Belarus announced Friday that Russia has sent more military equipment to Minsk as part of the Regional Grouping of Forces (RGV) effort.

The announcement follows several reports that Moscow is preparing to carry out new offensives in northern Ukraine through neighboring Belarus.

Among the vehicles spotted were KamAZ and Ural trucks, BAZ-6306 artillery tractors, and five fuel tankers.

The delivery also included two ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns and water barrels.

According to the Belarusian Defense Ministry, the delivery was meant to bolster the RGV and strengthen the security of the Union State (of Russia and Belarus).

As of this moment, more than 9,000 Russian troops and hundreds of armored vehicles are reportedly deployed on the Belarus-Ukraine border.

‘New Invasion’

Last month, documents from the Institute for the Study of War revealed that Moscow’s continuing effort to build up forces in Belarus signifies that it is preparing to launch a new attack against Ukraine.

Many consider it more credible that the build up is for a renewed offensive rather than being part of an ongoing military drill.

If not a new invasion, Russia’s actions involving Belarus could also be a “diversionary tactic” to draw Ukrainian forces away from key regions.

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