Colombia Selects Nexter’s Caesar Howitzer

Colombia has selected the French defense firm Nexter’s Caesar 6×6 self-propelled howitzer for its military, according to Spanish defense news website Infodefensa.

The South American nation has reportedly earmarked $101.7 million to purchase an undisclosed number of the artillery platforms, which have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Caesar’s Increased Popularity

Last month, Lithuania purchased 18 Caesars for up to $159.5 million. 

Also in December, the Czech Republic ordered 10 more of the self-propelled howitzers, bringing the country’s total to 62.

In September, Morocco took delivery of its first batch of 36 Caesars, part of a 2020 agreement for self-propelled guns and ammunition worth $199 million.

The guns, prized for their accuracy and mobility, have also made their way to Ukraine. France has delivered 18 Caesars to Ukraine since the war began, nearly a quarter of the country’s stock of 76.

Caesar Specifications

The Caesar features a 155mm gun that can fire up to 40 kilometers (24.9 miles) away. 

Firing up to six rounds per minute, the mobile artillery platform is operated by four or five soldiers.

The system can be transported by C17, IL76, or A400 military transport aircraft, according to the manufacturer.

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