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Royal Australian Air Force to Receive New Bulk Fuel Facility

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has teamed up with Saunders International and US-Australian venture Nova Nacap to develop a bulk fuel infrastructure in the country’s Northern Territory.

The program is an extension of the decade-long alliance between the US and Australian armed forces in promoting regional stability across the Indo-Pacific.

“The $120 million project will provide fuel storage and associated infrastructure at RAAF Base Tindal to support Enhanced Air Cooperation under the US Force Postures Initiatives,” Air Cmdr. Sandy Turner said.

“This US contract also provides opportunities to Australian sub-contractor Saunders International, which has been awarded a $8.5 million sub-contract to Nova Nacap to construct bulk fuel storage tanks.”

US Force Posture Initiatives

The US Force Postures Initiative is a $1.5 billion project funded in 2020 to upgrade Australian defense estates located throughout the Northern Territory.

Since its commencement, the program has offered opportunities to Australian industries in various sectors, such as construction, professional services, maintenance, and logistics. Sub-contracting agreements were also awarded to local suppliers to benefit businesses in the country.

Around $198.4 million has already been invested in four contracts since the beginning of the program.

In addition to the Tindal base, the initiative will work in parallel with infrastructures at RAAF Bases Darwin, Robertson Barracks, and other ranges and training areas on the north Australian coast.

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