US Navy Completes Mine Response Drills

The US Navy recently completed a live mine response exercise to enhance its explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) capabilities.

During the drill, sailors from EOD Mobile Unit 12 aboard a rigid-hull inflatable boat from the USS Leyte Gulf guided-missile cruiser placed an inert training mine in open water.

EOD swimmers from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 5’s two MH-60S Nighthawk aircraft then located and detonated the “bomb box” training mine.

“Overall, this was a great training opportunity for us to build upon our watch standers’ proficiency in mine warfare,” Air Defense Officer Elliott Calhoun said.

“The ability to use live ordnance for a simulated mine, and working with the EOD team added that element of realism to this event, which increased our mission readiness.”

The USS Leyte Gulf provided tactical control for the helicopters patrolling the area to verify “the threat was eliminated” upon mine disposal completion.

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