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Qatar Receives New Al Zubarah Corvette From Fincantieri

Fincantieri has delivered the latest Al Zubarah-class corvette, the “Al Khor,” to the Qatari Ministry of Defence in Muggiano, Italy.

The handover is part of a 4-billion-euro ($4.3 billion) contract signed in 2016 to construct four corvettes, two offshore vessels, and one amphibious landing platform dock for the Qatari Emiri Navy.

Launched in 2021, the Al Khor is the third of four Al Zubarah vessels.

The final ship, “Semaisma,” was launched earlier this year.

The Al Zubarah Class

According to Fincantieri, the Al Zubarah corvettes comply with the Rules for the Classification of Naval Ships.

Alongside warfare, the class will be used for surveillance and naval rescue missions.

Each ship has a length of 107 meters (351 feet) and a width of 14.7 meters (48 feet).

The fleet is powered by a combined diesel and diesel plant propulsion system for a maximum speed of 28 knots (51 kilometers/32 miles per hour).

The vessel can accommodate up to 112 personnel, carry an NHIndustries NH90 twin-engine multi-role helicopter, and deploy high-speed surface platforms such as rigid hull inflatable boats.

The class will be armed with machine guns, surface-to-air missiles, remote weapons, anti-ship missiles, and decoy launchers.

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