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L3Harris to Upgrade F-16 Fighters for Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco

L3Harris Technologies has secured a $29-million contract with Bahrain, Jordan, and Morocco to upgrade their F-16 fighter jets.

As part of the deal, the American tech firm will integrate 105 smart weapon release systems into the F-16s.

The system enables the F-16 to carry double the number of smart munitions and makes it compatible with 500-pound (226-kilogram) and 1,000-pound (453-kilogram) guided weapons.

“Our release systems provide extra offensive capabilities while giving commanders the versatility to deploy the right firepower for every mission,” L3Harris president Ed Zoiss said.

He added that the “combat-proven” release system provides munitions overmatch, allowing commanders to send the “right weapon at the right time to the right target.”

The F-16 Fighter

Designed and manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the F-16 is a multi-role fighter aircraft for air-to-air combat and air-to-surface attack missions.

When in air combat mode, the F-16 can locate targets in all weather and detects low-flying aircraft.

It can fly more than 500 miles (860 kilometers) in an air-to-surface role, hitting targets with superior accuracy.

In 2019, Morocco was cleared by the US State Department to procure 25 F-16C/D Block 72 fighters at an estimated cost of $3.79 billion.

Jordan and Bahrain are poised to receive additional F-16 Block 70 aircraft from Lockheed Martin.

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