General Dynamics Awarded $5.1B US Navy Submarine Contract

General Dynamics has been awarded a $5.1-billion contract to perform advance construction of critical components for the US Navy’s future Columbia-class submarines.

As part of the agreement, the company will procure long-lead materials to support the design and construction of the next five ships in the class.

It would also fund the continued production of the submarine’s missile tube and the enhancements of the submarine’s industrial base.

According to General Dynamics, the advance procurement of key submarine components is critical to the success of the program.

“This award enhances Electric Boat’s efforts to maintain the Columbia-class production and delivery schedule,” company official Kevin Graney said.

“The strategic investments in the development and expansion of the Submarine Industrial Base will help stabilize and grow the supply chain, which increases manufacturing capacity, reduces risk, and ultimately drives timely delivery of submarines to the Navy.”

Work for the contract will be performed in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Virginia.

Columbia-Class Submarine

Measuring 560 feet (170 meters) long, the US Navy’s Columbia-class submarines will be the largest ever built by the US.

They will have a fuel core that can power the submarine for its entire service life, eliminating the need for mid-service refueling.

Additionally, the submarines will have superior acoustic performance and state-of-the-art sensors to enable quiet undersea operations.

They will also be armed with Mk 48 torpedoes.

“The Columbia class will be the cornerstone of our strategic deterrence, the ultimate guarantor of our National Security,” US Navy secretary Carlos Del Toro said. “Our strategic submarines represent approximately 70 percent of America’s deployed nuclear arsenal.”

The Columbia-class submarines will replace the aging Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines.

The lead ship, USS District of Columbia, will be delivered to the navy in 2027.

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