Brazilian Air Force Inducts Gripen E Fighter Aircraft

The Brazilian Air Force has officially inducted its new Gripen E fighter aircraft from Saab.

A ceremony to mark the opening of the aircraft’s operations was held earlier this week at the Anápolis Air Base in south-central Brazil.

During the event, two Gripen E fighters made a demonstration flight witnessed by military and defense industry representatives.

“The start of operational activities with Gripen E by the Brazilian Air Force is an extremely important day,” Saab president Micael Johansson said in a press release.

“It marks the beginning of a new operational era for [the service] but also is the result of years of hard work done in partnership with the air force and with our Brazilian industry partners.”

Before the official induction, the Gripen aircraft undertook flight tests beginning in September 2020 to evaluate its operational capabilities.

‘Most Extensive Technology Transfer’

Saab’s Gripen E is an updated version of the Gripen C/D multi-role fighter.

The one-seater has a digital cockpit with three large multi-functional displays, providing superior situational awareness to pilots.

Additionally, the Gripen is mounted with infrared-guided short-range IRIS-T and Meteor missiles for improved lethality and survivability.

The aircraft’s maximum speed is Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound.

According to Saab, the jet achieved airworthiness and safety certification from Swedish and Brazilian military authorities in November.

“Brazil now has one of the most advanced fighters in the world,” Johansson remarked.

“This is currently the most extensive ongoing technology transfer program in Brazil and it is definitely the largest one ever done by any Swedish company, bringing to the Brazilian defense industry the knowledge to develop, produce, test, and maintain an advanced supersonic fighter.”

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