Spain to Procure Brimstone Air-to-Surface Missiles, New Naval Choppers

The Spanish Ministry of Defense plans to purchase Brimstone air-to-surface missiles and new naval helicopters in 2023, according to a report by Breaking Defense, citing military officials.

Manufactured by defense firm MBDA, the Brimstone will reportedly be integrated into Spanish Air Force Eurofighter Typhoons to support various combat missions.

It is expected to bolster the firepower of the multi-role fighter, which already has GBU-10 and GBU-16 Paveway bombs, AIM-120B AMRAAMs (Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles), and IRIS-T munitions.

Meanwhile, Madrid’s plan to procure maritime helicopters has already garnered the interest of Airbus.

The company is offering a naval configuration of the NH90 Sea Lion helicopter to replace the Spanish Navy’s SH-60B rotorcraft.

‘Process is Underway’

According to 14th Wing Air Group Commander Lt. Col. Jesus Salazar Ortiz de Landazuri, the Spanish defense ministry will verify that the Brimstone missiles match its requirements.

The ministry will review tactics, techniques, and procedures concerning the use of the air-to-surface missiles.

The Spanish Navy is reportedly expected to make a selection decision regarding the maritime helicopters by 2023.

The proposed choppers include Thales-made low-frequency dipping sonar and high-powered Mk-46 and Mk-54 Torpedoes.

“A process is underway at the moment and Airbus with NHI [NHIndustries] is proposing a naval configuration of the NH90,” Airbus official Jean-Eric Vague said.

“[The Spanish Navy] have asked for local content [to be included in our proposal] but not a dedicated percentage,” he added.

Once the contracts are awarded, the Spanish Navy is expected to receive the military aircraft by 2027.

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