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Belgium Announces Mobile Laboratories, Underwater Drones for Ukraine

Belgium will deliver mobile laboratories and underwater drones to Ukraine, minister of defense Ludivine Dedonder announced.

The two laboratories can be deployed to areas facing chemical, bacteriological, radiological, or nuclear incidents within three weeks, La Libre quoted the minister as saying. She added that they could also be used as stand-ins for inoperable hospitals and maternity wards.

“It can also be used in disaster areas where maternity wards or hospitals have been destroyed. They can provide urgent aid. So far, it has not been sent by anyone,” the Belgian outlet quoted Dedonder as saying.

$46 Million Worth of Equipment Delivered

The announcement comes more than two months after the minister announced a 12-million-euro ($12.45 million) military aid package for Ukraine, including heavy machine guns, ammunition, and other equipment.

The announcement included non-military aid as well, such as helmets, spare provisions, and night vision equipment.

Belgium has delivered equipment worth 45 million euros ($46.70 million) to Ukraine since the war began. 

Underwater Drones by May

Meanwhile, the 10 drones produced by ECA Robotics Belgium will be delivered by the end of May to “identify all underwater threats, whether mines or spy devices.” 

In addition, about 100 Belgian military instructors will provide training to Ukrainian soldiers in  a range of combat tactics such as “fire support for short-range artillery, mine clearance, sniper training, intelligence, infiltration, communication systems,” Dedonder said, 

The soldiers will also be trained to operate in “contaminated areas as well as standard and specialized field medical support or ground-air coordination as part of close air support.”

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