US OKs Fielding BriteCloud Miniaturized Decoy on F-16 Fighters

The US Air National Guard has approved Leonardo’s BriteCloud 218 miniaturized decoy for its F-16 fighter aircraft.

The approval follows extensive testing and live trials that began in 2019.

According to the company, the “world’s first” miniaturized jamming technology is a significant upgrade over traditional countermeasures.

Leonardo expressed confidence that BriteCloud 218 would exceed the air force’s operational requirements, delivering increased platform protection to fourth-generation fighters.

Once in service, the decoy will be designated the AN/ALQ-260(V)1 airborne electronic warfare countermeasure.

The BriteCloud 218

Leonardo’s BriteCloud 218 is a unique combat air countermeasure system with the sophisticated DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) electronic warfare jamming technology.

It transmits “electronic ghost” signals to lure away incoming missiles and keep military aircrew safe during missions.

The system can be fired like a flare through standard countermeasure dispensers.

According to the developer, the BriteCloud 218 uses rectangular, standard-sized rounds, making them compatible with common dispensers such as the AN/ALE-47.

Apart from the F-16 fighter aircraft, the decoy can provide an “effective protection capability” for smaller unmanned platforms such as drones.

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