QinetiQ-Led Team to Deliver Next Demo Phase of UK’s Future Immersive Warfare Simulator

QinetiQ has signed a contract with Inzpire and BAE Systems to carry out the concept demonstration phase of the UK Royal Navy’s synthetic training solution program.

Under the agreement, the team will continue working on the Platform Enabled Training Capability (PETC), which provides realistic warfare simulation through an immersive environment.

During the first phase of the demonstration, PETC developers QinetiQ and Inzpire showcased the training platform and its sensor emulators in an operation room aboard the navy’s HMS Kent.

The second phase will see the Royal Navy utilize the PETC for simulated warfare training as one carrier task group while geographically dispersed.

“Phase 2 of PETC brings together key capabilities from QinetiQ, Inzpire and BAE Systems to accelerate the demonstration of synthetic collective training to our crews, ensuring they are ready for the demands of a future warfighting environment,” Royal Navy Senior Manager Capt. Paul Brooks explained.

Collective Synthetic Training

BAE Systems will provide a digital twin of the PETC and facilitate a faster transition across the training environment.

The firms will also emulate systems used in other carrier task groups, including the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier, to test operability across a common, simulated threat environment.

“This next phase enables the simulation of high-end warfare and the required interaction between the platforms that is not possible in the live environment,” added Christina Balis, Global Campaign Director for QinetiQ Training and Mission Rehearsal.

“In addition, enabling the crew to train while they are on deployment is more cost-effective for the Royal Navy than training ashore, as they can combine the training with other elements of the deployment.”

The QinetiQ-led team will begin phase two of the demonstration in the summer and autumn of 2023.

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