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S. Korea, US Complete Relocation of Combined Forces Command HQ

South Korean and American defense officials have officially relocated their Combined Forces Command (CFC) headquarters from Seoul to a US military base 65 kilometers (40 miles) south of the capital.

CFC marked the start of operations at Camp Humphreys in the southwestern city of Pyeongtaek, ending 44 years of military presence in Seoul’s Yongsan district.

The relocation follows a broad scheme of consolidating all CFC bases into Camp Humphreys, seeking to enhance defense readiness and operational efficiency.

“Now that the CFC, [US Forces Korea], and [the UN Command] are all located at Camp Humphreys, [we] have become able to maintain a combined defense posture more strongly,” Defense Minister Lee Jong-Sup said.

“ CFC troops that had, for years, worked separately in either Yongsan or Pyeongtaek, will work shoulder to shoulder and the cooperation system between the South and the US will be further solidified.”

The two allied nations agreed to transfer their headquarters in June 2019.

Combined Forces Command

Established in 1978, the CFC serves as the “heart” of the South Korea/US alliance.

The warfighting command center is committed to deterring aggression and defending the East Asian country to ensure peace and stability in the region.

Over 600,000 active-duty military personnel of all South Korean and American services are under CFC operational control.

“If North Korea attacked, the CFC would provide a coordinated defense through its Air, Ground, Naval and Combined Marine Forces Component Commands and the Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force,” US Forces Korea states on its website.

“In-country and augmentation US forces would be provided to the CFC for employment by the respective combat component.”

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