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Indonesian Air Force C-130s to Receive New Digital Cockpit

Collins Aerospace and PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) have signed an agreement to support the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130 Hercules with a new digital cockpit.

As part of the air force’s Phase 2 rollout plan, Collins will supply 11 C-130s with its Flight2 Integrated Avionics System, which includes the latest APS-7000 digital auto-pilot system.

The system offers the military transport aircraft “the most cost-effective and lowest-risk communications, navigation and surveillance systems for air traffic management (CNS/ATM) upgrade solution,” according to Collins.

Flight2 features a military/civil flight management system, advanced displays, air release point precision airdrop software, and enhanced navigation.

“Modernizing to the Flight2 system provides the Indonesian Air Force with a suite of communications, navigation and surveillance equipment seamlessly (integrating) new-generation avionics with legacy sensors, radios, autopilot and aircraft systems that will increase operational and mission efficiency,” Director of Collins Global Business Development Martin Hoare explained.

“Included in the avionics upgrade is a full glass cockpit with new primary flight displays that provides commonality to many other C-130 users as well as commercial aircraft.”

Indonesian Air Force C-130 Modernization Program

The partnership will see the delivery and integration of Flight2 to Indonesian C-130s under the latest International Civil Aviation Organization standards.

Meanwhile, Collins will leverage its Flight2 Mobility Mission Application architecture throughout the program for the customer to select and modify various off-the-shelf capabilities based on their specific mission requirements, comply with regional CNS/ATM mandates, or maximize a given budget.

Alongside Indonesia, Collins has upgraded C-130s in 16 countries with its latest Flight2 solutions. The company has delivered more than 1,100 of the avionics for military planes and helicopters.

“This collaboration shows PTDI’s readiness to implement the work of the Indonesian Air Force’s C-130 modernization program, especially in the avionics upgrade,” PTDI President Director Gita Amperiawan said.

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