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Lumen to Provide Network Services for US Indo-Pacific Command

The US Defense Information Systems Agency has contracted Lumen Technologies to deliver network transport and communications services in the US Indo-Pacific Command Area of Responsibility.

The $1.5 billion contract involves the supply of “resilient network services” to support the US Department of Defense in bolstering the US national security objectives across 36 Asia-Pacific countries.

Services include internet, ethernet, and wavelength capabilities for the region, including Alaska.

According to the Louisiana-based company, the critical communication supply will enable the region to securely transport data, voice traffic, images, and video.

“Lumen is extremely proud to serve the US Indo-Pacific Command with essential mission services that help protect and defend US territory, our people and America’s national interests,” Lumen Public Sector Senior Vice President Zain Ahmed said.

“We’re delivering the always-on network infrastructure so the US Department of Defense can focus on its mission to enhance the stability of the Asia Pacific region, promote security cooperation with our allies and partners, respond to emerging situations, deter aggression and if necessary, fight to win.”

Lumen’s Network Services in the US

Lumen has collaborated previously with the US government to establish network communications across its military and national security segments.

In 2020, the company and the US Department of the Interior signed a $1.6 billion contract to deliver secure network services and IT modernization capabilities for the General Services Administration’s Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions program.

This year, Lumen also secured a $1.2 billion network services award from US Customs and Border Protection to support the agency’s installations and systems across the country and abroad.

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