Lithuania Acquiring Spanish 120mm Mortars Worth $10 Million

Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defence has contracted Spanish weapons manufacturer Expal Systems to produce and deliver towed 120-millimeter mortars.

As part of the 9.8-million-euro ($9.7 million) agreement, the company will equip the Lithuanian Army with the 120-MX2-SM systems within two years.

The ministry said that the NATO-standard mortar system would provide soldiers with indirect fire during military missions.

It also described the system as a “modern” and “extremely high-quality” weaponry that could address the army’s tactical needs.

The Ministry of National Defence revealed that it had chosen Expal Systems because it offered the best price for the 120-mm mortar system.

Deliveries of the weapon system are scheduled to begin “by the end of next year.”

The 120-MX2-SM System

Expal’s 120-MX2-SM System is a “mobile” and “versatile” mortar that provides improved firepower and lethality.

It can hit targets with precision at a maximum range of eight kilometers (4.9 miles).

“We focus our efforts on enhancing accuracy, reliability, and time of deployment to increase the survivability of the armed forces,” the Spanish firm stated on its website.

Apart from 120-mm, Expal Systems produces 60- and 81-mm mortar systems for indirect fire operations.

The company’s entire portfolio of munitions is currently in service in more than 35 NATO and allied countries.

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