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Elbit Systems Bags Latin American Army Modernization Contract

Elbit Systems has received a $65 million contract to integrate its E-LynX Software Defined Radio mobile network solution into the Shaldod 4×4 and Paramount 6×6 armored vehicles of a Latin American army.

Under the two-and-a-half-year agreement, the company will also deliver its battle management system (BMS) and MAGNI mini-vertical take-off and landing drones.

Elbit’s E-Lynx multi-channel software-defined system enables a “net-centric connectivity” that boosts the situational awareness and operational effectiveness of warfighters on the modern battlefield.

BMS is an add-on feature for combat vehicle-mounted sensor and weapon systems, helping coordinate battle teams’ direct and indirect fire engagement, maneuver, intelligence, and logistics.

MAGNI uses dual S-Band and LTE communications and coordinate tracking systems, relaying real-time 3D intelligence to advancing troops. The fully-foldable drone is deployed autonomously or piloted by a single operator.

“We witness a growing recognition by Armed Forces of the necessity of acquiring the capability to conduct interoperable operations,” Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber General Manager Haim Delmar said.

“This contract award further validates the leading position we hold in the growing area of combat networked warfare.”

Elbit’s Modernization Solution in Canada

Earlier this year, Elbit and Rheinmetall Canada teamed up to bid for Canada’s Joint Fire Modernization Program.

The initiative aims to facilitate near real-time sharing of tactical, strategic, and operational fires and effects data by using a digitally-networked system for a “Common Operating Picture” of adversaries, friendly locations, and command and control.

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