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Rafael, Hensoldt to Turn German Eurofighter Into Electronic Attack Platform

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems has signed an agreement with sensor solutions provider Hensoldt to upgrade the German Air Force Typhoon-installed Sky Shield airborne electronic warfare pod.

Under the agreement, Hensoldt will equip Sky Shield with its latest airborne electronic attack national sensitive technology (Kalaetron Attack), turning the pod into a “mature off-the-shelf escort jammer.”

The upgraded pod will seamlessly fit into the aircraft body, utilizing the interfaces of the existing Litening Pod.

Once developed, the German Air Force will utilize the pod to adapt its Eurofighter Typhoon into an electronic attack platform.

Kalaetron Proved Itself Recently

The German firm revealed that the Kalaetron airborne jamming system recently proved its effectiveness against “various enemy air defence radars,” without divulging further details.

The Kalaetron comprises “a fully digitised, broadband sensor and an electronically controllable, software defined jammer.”

It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to classify “unknown threats in the field and the rapid evaluation of large amounts of data,” Hensoldt explained.

Sky Shield

Rafael’s Sky Shield escort jammer is a military off-the-shelf capability that can be integrated into fast jet platforms.

It uses active electronically scanned array jamming pod technology to cover existing and future high-frequency ranges while providing highly-effective radiation power.

Initial Operating Capability in 2028

The agreement supports the German air force’s decision to turn the Typhoon into an electronic attack platform, with initial operating capability expected in 2028.

“Our companies are experts in airborne electronic warfare and combine latest technology with battle-proven equipment,” Hensoldt CEO Thomas Muller said.

“Based on these skills and supported by existing government-to-government agreements, we are able to offer the Luftwaffe a sovereign solution to the timely capability transfer of the ECR Tornado and, at the same time, to expand the capabilities of the Eurofighter by an escort jamming solution proven in modern operational scenarios.”

‘Top-Notch EW/EA Capabilities’

“Our new partnership with Hensoldt is a significant milestone in expanding Rafael’s strategic investments in Germany,” Rafael President and CEO Yoav Har-Even said.

“This collaboration is a direct result of Rafael’s strategy to apply localization and ensure local sovereignty. Hensoldt and Rafael share a common vision, unique knowledge, and an organizational culture of excellence.”

“Under the leadership of Hensoldt, these will come together synergistically to provide the Luftwaffe with top-notch EW/EA capabilities, necessary to address current and future threats and challenges.”

This article was co-written by Inder Singh Bisht and Rojoef Manuel. 

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