Portugal Receives First KC-390 Military Transport Aircraft From Brazil

The Portuguese Air Force has taken delivery of its first-ever KC-390 military transport aircraft from Brazilian aerospace firm Embraer.

The aircraft is part of a 2019 deal signed between the two countries for five KC-390s.

The agreement also covers the supply of a simulator for training.

Before deployment, the transport aircraft will be integrated with NATO-standard equipment for improved performance.

It will also await certification by the Portuguese National Aeronautical Authority for its first official military flight in Portuguese airspace.

The recent delivery makes the country the first European operator of the aircraft.

KC-390 Transport Aircraft

Embraer’s KC-390 is a medium-weight aircraft designed to transport troops and cargo weighing up to 26 tons (23,586 kilograms/ 57,320 pounds).

Powered by a twin turbofan engine, the airframe features fly-by-wire technology for optimized mission results while reducing pilot workload.

Its cockpit has a high-performance night vision imaging system and high-resolution displays.

The KC-390 is equipped with a self-protection suite, including a radar warning receiver, a missile approach warning system, and a laser warning system.

The aircraft can carry out missions such as humanitarian support, medical evacuation, and aerial refueling.

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