Royal New Zealand Air Force, USAF Conduct Advanced Tactics Training

The Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) has teamed with the US Air Force for a month of advanced tactics training in Missouri and Arizona.

The RNZAF No. 40 Squadron deployed to the Advanced Airlift Tactical Training Center (AATTC) “to develop the crew’s proficiency to conduct tactical missions in austere environments.”

The squadron was deployed along with a C-130 Hercules tactical cargo aircraft.

The training course is being held at St. Joseph and Sierra Vista and will conclude on September 30.

“AATTC is an advanced tactics training course which allows our crews to practice advanced tactical flying in a simulated hostile environment,“ RNZAF Detachment Commander Flight Lt. Adam Palmer said. “This includes low-level flying, airdrop, and threat reaction.” 

The training is expected to enhance RNZAF personnel’s response and emergency preparedness.

It will also help the airmen to consolidate and standardize their tactics, integrate capabilities, enhance operability, and execute complex and realistic operations together with their counterparts.

“This training is really significant as it provides an opportunity to operate with the USAF in a deployed environment.” Palmer explained.

“It also provides an opportunity to learn from, and build relationships with, USAF Air Mobility Command and Air National Guard crews.”

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