Raytheon to Build Rolling Airframe Missile – Block 2 for US, Japan

Raytheon Missiles & Defense has received a $39.3 million order to manufacture the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) – Block 2 and 2B for the US and Japanese navies.

The RAM is a self-defense weapon designed to protect ships from attack helicopters, aircraft, and surface vessels.

The American firm will deliver guided missile round packs and spare parts as part of the deal. It will also be responsible for the recertification of the weapon system.

“This contract combines purchases for the Navy (4%) and the government of Japan (96%) under the Foreign Military Sale program,” the US Department of Defense stated in a press release.

Work for the contract will be performed in Germany, Scotland, and the US and is expected to be completed by January 2026.

RAM Block 2

The RAM guided missile weapon system is a supersonic, fire-and-forget weapon first deployed in 1999.

It uses passive radio frequency (RF) and infrared guidance to engage multiple threats simultaneously.

The system can be easily integrated into various ships and is compatible with existing ship sensors to provide target and pointing information.

The weapon’s Block 2 variant, launched in 2015, has been equipped with a larger rocket engine and an advanced control section.

It also features an improved RF receiver capable of detecting even the quietest threats.

The RAM Block 2 variant can reportedly defeat the most dangerous attacks with increased maneuverability and a more effective intercept range.

Raytheon said that the weapon system is currently deployed on more than 165 ships in 11 countries worldwide.

Rolling Airframe Missile
The Rolling Airframe Missile during a live-fire test. Photo: Raytheon

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