NATO Biannual Mine Countermeasures Exercise Begins in Italy

NATO’s Dynamic Move 22 mine countermeasures exercise has commenced at the La Spezia Naval Base, Italy.

The exercise is part of NATO Maritime Command’s biannual computer-assisted training for mine hunter operators and tackles various mine countermeasures through all spectrums of competencies.

It includes activities led by naval mine warfare experts and subject-matter experts such as maritime scientists, legal advisors, media trainers, and the NATO Shipping Centre.

NATO Naval Mine Warfare Centre personnel from 13 countries and observers from Iraq are attending the exercise with STAND NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 staff.

“Dynamic Move, a tactical level naval mine warfare computer assisted exercise sponsored by MARCOM, aims to exercise naval mine warfare and enhance standardization and integration of our crews,” Dynamic Move 22 Director Spanish Navy Cap. David Portal said. 

“This enables us to enhance NATO’s ability to conduct operations and promotes the convergence of Allied naval capabilities for future multi-domain warfare scenarios,” he added.

The exercise will run from August 31 to September 9.

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