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US DoD Awards BlueHalo $24M TITAN Counter-Drone System Contract

The US Department of Defense has awarded American aerospace firm BlueHalo a $24-million contract to supply a TITAN counter-drone system.

The TITAN counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS) solution helps military units make “better, smarter, and faster” decisions needed to save lives, according to the company.

It also combines the latest in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and adaptive countermeasures to autonomously protect soldiers from weaponized unmanned systems.

According to BlueHalo, the undisclosed US government customer will utilize the TITAN C-UAS for fixed site protection, mobile security, and dismounted operations support.

“We celebrate another contract award for TiITAN – not only because it demonstrates the system’s superior C-UAS force protection but because more front-line soldiers will now have access to an effective tool that will help bring them home safely,” BlueHalo official Dan Gillings said.

TITAN C-UAS system enhances the situational awareness and protection of soldiers on the battlefield. Photo: BlueHalo

‘Force Multiplier’

BlueHalo’s TITAN family of products delivers “superior integrated solutions” that are interoperable with other existing sensors and command and control systems.

The C-UAS system equips operators with immediate situational awareness and force protection on the battlefield in under five minutes.

Company Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Moneymaker describes the system as an effective “force multiplier” for military units deployed under challenging conditions.

“TITAN creates a sphere of threat detection and protection around soldiers and key military assets – providing an innovative, affordable, and easy-to-use system to save warfighter lives and ensure mission success,” he said.

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