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‘Most Mission Capable Indoor Drone’ to Enter Australian, New Zealand Markets

Australian company EPE has announced a partnership with US unmanned systems developer Shield AI to market the latter’s Nova 2 drone in Australia and New Zealand.

Referred to as the world’s “most mission capable indoor drone” by the US and Israeli forces, the Nova 2 “uses path planning and computer vision algorithms to autonomously navigate complex subterranean and multi-story buildings without GPS, communications or a human pilot,” Shield AI states on its website.

Utilizing the company’s Hivemind AI, the unmanned aerial vehicle autonomously clears buildings, identifying threats and constructing 3D multi-story maps in real time, alerting the user through notifications as it forms a picture of the battlefield.

Protecting Soldiers

Brisbane-based EPE explained that “the clear synergies” between itself and Shield AI are evident, as both companies share the commitment to protect soldiers through innovative solutions.

Australian-veteran-owned EPE already provides cutting-edge, advanced technologies for the Australian defense forces “in the area of human machine teaming, in addition to the delivery of 5 defense innovation hub projects which developed innovative solutions to counter emerging threats.”

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