Textron to Supply XM204 Anti-Vehicle Munition to US Army

American defense firm Textron Systems has been awarded a $354-million contract to manufacture XM204 top attack munitions for the US Army.

The XM204 is a portable anti-vehicle munition developed to support complex terrain-shaping operations, denying enemy forces the freedom to maneuver their armored vehicles.

It can be employed alone or integrated with other terrain shaping systems to provide better results.

According to Textron Senior Vice President Henry Finneral, the XM204 allows soldiers to create obstacles in various terrain to slow enemy vehicles and prevent them from advancing.

“We are supporting the Army’s urgent need with an anti-vehicle munition that helps soldiers control the physical landscape,” he said. “XM204 is a modern solution at a time when modernization is a top priority for our customer.”

The acquisition and fielding of new anti-vehicle munitions is part of the service’s effort to replace obsolete munitions and boost the capability of its terrain-shaping obstacles.

Bolstering Ground Defense

The multimillion-dollar contract is among many US Army investments to bolster its ground defense capabilities.

Earlier this year, the service’s 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team fielded modernized M2A4 Bradley fighting vehicles as it prepared to counter near-peer adversaries.

The armored vehicles feature improved speed, mobility, performance, and power generation.

Oshkosh Defense also recently delivered the first of seven upgraded Stryker Double-V Hull Infantry Carrier Vehicles to the US Army for evaluation and testing.

The Stryker is fitted with a 30-millimeter medium caliber weapon system for improved lethality during operations.

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