US Soldiers Demonstrate Close Quarters Battle Readiness in Romania

Soldiers from the US 101st Airborne Division demonstrated their close quarters battle (CQB) readiness during a recent military exercise in Romania.

During the drill, participants showcased their ability to secure every room in a building and allow additional forces to gain forward movement on the battlefield.

Infantry officer 1st Lt. Ethan Lund said that CQB training is essential as threats continue in urban environments.

“It seems that a lot of the warfare today is moving away from the rural environment and more into that urban building close quarters style fighting,” he stated.

Lund is hoping to incorporate other NATO allies in future training to refine standard operating procedures and bring countries together.

“That way if we paired in a future large-scale combat operation, then we would be able to go into a building, clear, and secure the building with foreign allies,” he remarked.

US soldiers
US soldiers practice close quarters battle in Romania. Photo: Pfc. Jayden Woods/US Army

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