Greece Approves Harpoon Anti-Ship Missile Procurement

The Greek parliamentary committee on weapons and arms has approved the acquisition of 50 Harpoon anti-ship missiles for the country’s armed forces.

The Harpoon is one of 12 weapons programs the committee approved this week, including upgrading the F-16 Block 50 aircraft to Block 52 and maintaining three C130 transport aircraft.

The decision came a day after the Greek state broadcaster ERT News revealed that the US had approved Athens’ long-time request to procure the missile.

The Athens-based state broadcaster added that the Boeing missile and the French Exocet outfitted on the country’s fleet of Rafales would heighten deterrence against surface vessels.

Will be Outfitted on F-16: Report

Greek outlet New Post reported that the projectile would be outfitted on the Hellenic Air Force’s fleet of F-16 aircraft.

Greece has 121 F-16s: 83 have been upgraded to the latest V model, while the remainder will be upgraded to Block 52. 

The outlet added that a “small” number of the missiles would also be integrated into the Hellenic Navy’s fleet of P-3 Orion Naval Cooperation Aircraft, which are currently being upgraded. Lockheed Martin has delivered one of the five upgraded maritime patrol aircraft.

The 725-kilogram (1,598-pound) missile carries a 360-kilogram (794-pound) warhead and can hit targets at up to 270 kilometers (168 miles), depending upon the speed and altitude from where it’s launched.

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