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US Air Force Awards Stand-in Attack Weapon Contracts

The US Air Force has awarded initial weapon system integration contracts for the Stand-in Attack Weapon (SiAW) to three firms.

The service selected Lockheed Martin, L3 Harris, and Northrop Grumman out of a pool of five firms for the 90-day, $2 million contracts, Air Force Magazine reported. Boeing and Raytheon Technologies were also in the reckoning.

Lockheed will perform the SiAW integration work under the contract and produce hardware over the next five years, the outlet wrote, citing the company. It added that the final hardware would be tested and evaluated for production.  

To Penetrate Anti-Access/Area Denial 

The SiAW air-to-ground weapon system is intended to penetrate anti-access/area denial environments by striking surface elements such as “theater ballistic missile launchers, land-attack and anti-ship cruise missile launchers, GPS jammers, anti-satellite systems, and integrated air defense systems.”

The weapon is intended to build upon the AGM-88G Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile – Extended Range being developed by Northrop for the US Navy. 

$1.9 Billion Development Budget

SiAW modifications will make the weapon more relevant for fifth generation aircraft such the F-35, featuring a warhead and fuse capable of “expanded target sets,”Janes wrote, citing the USAF request for information.

It will also have an “Active Radar Homing guidance system, and a Universal Armament Interface message set for the SiAW missile and F-35A aircraft. The SiAW will also seek development of future advanced capabilities to keep it relevant for evolving threats.”

The service has allocated $1.9 billion for the SiAW development work for fiscal year 2023-2027.

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