Sweden Joins Finland, Latvia in 6×6 Armored Vehicle Development

Sweden has joined Finland and Latvia in the research and development of 6×6 armored vehicles based on shared requirements of the participating countries.

The participation of Sweden in the initiative will allow the country to have access to the work results.

It will also allow the European nation to reimburse its previous investments of 3.1 million euros ($3.3 million) to increase the project’s financial viability.

“I am very pleased to announce that the next country, Sweden, has joined the Patria project, and this coincides with the time when Sweden is preparing to join NATO,” Latvian Defense Minister Artis Pabriks said.

He noted that the decision of Stockholm to join the project would make it easier for participating nations to offer the vehicle to allies.

Once developed, the 6×6 armored vehicles are expected to bolster the mobility of the armed forces and support local defense suppliers.

Since March, the new 6×6 armored vehicle has already been partially assembled in Latvia. The full assembly is scheduled to begin next year.

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