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Israeli Military to Simulate War With Hezbollah

The Israeli armed forces will be heading to Cyprus this week to conduct a war simulation exercise against the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.

To be held jointly with the Cypriot military, the drill will include hundreds of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) personnel, special forces, and military reservists.

According to the IDF, the simulation is being held to improve the readiness and competence of Israeli troops in performing operational missions deep in enemy territory.

Apart from simulating various attacks, the exercise will include evacuating wounded troops with helicopters and dropping logistics equipment.

The IDF plans to execute missions in urban, rural, wilderness, and mountainous terrains resembling Lebanon.

The simulation is part of the month-long Chariots of Fire drill, scheduled until June 3.

‘First of Its Kind’

According to the IDF, the exercise is a “first of its kind,” as it presents an opportunity for soldiers to adapt to unfamiliar territory rapidly.

It could also help in identifying problems dealing with emergency and unfamiliar situations.

“The exercise enables the IDF to improve the readiness of its forces participating in the exercise while strengthening the cooperation and abilities at the tactical level,” the Israeli military was quoted as saying.

In 2006, war broke out between Iran-backed Hezbollah and Israel following the capture of two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.

Israeli strikes killed at least 1,100 Lebanese and wounded more than 4,000, killing around 250 Hezbollah fighters.

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