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US Army Awards Rheinmetall $2.5 Million Light Artillery Contract

The US Army has awarded American Rheinmetall Munition a $2.5 million contract to supply a lighter and shorter artillery system.

The contract supports the army’s light artillery cannon project, seeking to enhance the “mobility, maneuverability and lethality of Army artillery systems,” the Rheinmetall subsidiary stated.

The cannon is expected to provide “long-range firing capability” to the army’s howitzer fleet and help the service assess a “next-generation armament” capability.

Long-Range Precision Fire Projects

We are proud to have the opportunity to support the Army in its efforts to develop next-generation long-range precision fires technologies and particularly to prototype what could be game-changing advanced, lightweight howitzer technologies,” American Rheinmetall Munition CEO John Somich said.

The US Army is currently pursuing four long-range precision fire projects scheduled to become operational in 2023: the Extended Range Cannon Artillery, the Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon, the Mid-Range anti-ship Missile, and the Precision Strike Missile.

Combat Capabilities Development Command-Armament Center Col. Lance Green stated that the “project alongside numerous other active Science and Technology efforts could provide our warfighters a distinct advantage in this increasingly complex security environment.”

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