L3Harris Selected for F-5 Fighter Upgrade

US Defense contractor Tactical Support has selected L3Harris Technologies to upgrade the F-5 Advanced Tiger aircraft.

Tactical Support purchased 21 Jordanian F-5Es in 2017 to turn them into fourth-generation aircraft.

L3Harris will outfit the six-decade-old Northrop Grumman aircraft fleet with GH-4001 Electronic Standby Instruments and Tactical Airborne Navigation Systems (TACAN+), enhancing pilot situational awareness and safety.


The TACAN+ includes “two automatically enabled air-to-air transmit-receive modes, providing seamless and enhanced tactical proficiency and multiple mission capabilities, permitting aircraft to track a ‘lead’ aircraft across a wide range of flying scenarios, down to a minimum closest follower distance of 20 meters (65.61 feet),” L3Harris explained.

Additionally, the GH-4001 standby instrument’s sensor and system capabilities will enhance the aircraft’s safety, transforming it into an “advanced tactical aircraft.”

“Innovation and pilot situational awareness are the utmost focus at L3Harris Commercial Aviation and why our GH-4001 and TACAN+ products are recommended for military missions,” President of L3Harris Commercial Aviation Alan Crawford stated.

“Tactical Air’s selection of these products as a center of excellence enables pilots to experience real-world scenarios using world-class products.”

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