Russia Using German, French Weapons Against Ukraine: Report

Russia has been using high-powered weapons from France, Germany, and other European Union (EU) nations during its invasion of Ukraine, according to a report by The Telegraph, citing an EU analysis.

At least 10 member states allegedly supplied Russia with 346 million euros ($371.1 million) in military equipment between 2015 and 2020.

During this time, the EU prohibited members from delivering engines, weapons, and other military equipment to the country because of its annexation of Crimea in 2014.

France tallied the greatest supply of weapons to Russia at 44 percent, followed by Germany with 35 percent.

The other 21 percent was supplied by Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Spain, and Croatia.

The equipment sent to Russia included bombs, rockets, torpedoes, missiles, aircraft with components, and “lighter-than-air vehicles.”


In a separate investigative report by investigative journalism platform Disclose, it was revealed that France has issued 76 export licenses to Russia since 2015 for military equipment worth 152 million euros ($163 million).

A recent discovery noted that some French components have been found on Russian equipment captured during the war in Ukraine.

In the face of these allegations, France and Germany insist they did not violate the arms embargo imposed on Russia since 2014.

France claims that the exports were simply the fulfillment of contracts awarded before the embargo, while Germany says that they were guaranteed by Russia that the “dual use” equipment would be utilized for civilian purposes.

In addition to bombs and aircraft, France has reportedly exported thermal imaging cameras for over 1,000 Russian tanks, navigation systems, and infrared detectors for fighter jets and helicopters.

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