Teledyne FLIR Unveils New Military Vehicle Surveillance System

American technology firm Teledyne FLIR has unveiled its new lightweight military vehicle surveillance system with advanced counter-drone capabilities.

According to the company, the system leverages a combination of 3D radars, electro-optical/infrared cameras, and radio frequency detection and mitigation sensors to defend against small enemy drones.

It is reportedly capable of detecting and simultaneously monitoring the position and elevation of nearly 500 targets.

The surveillance system also features a state-of-the-art multi-spectral imager to capture key drone elements and help identify high-risk targets.

“Protecting vast borders, shorelines, and forward-operating bases is a job that’s been made even more difficult with the challenges posed by drones,” Teledyne executive vice president Dr. JihFen Lei explained.

‘Most Effective Mobile Surveillance System’

The new system is equipped with Cameleon V5 command and control software that integrates all sensors and supports advanced features and bi-directional communications.

It also has high-performance video analytics for precise identification, tracking, and engagement of aerial threats.

Since the system is mounted on a lightweight vehicle, it can be deployed quickly to protect military assets. It also has cutting-edge cyber security tools to resist hacking.

Lei stated that the system combines sophisticated counter-drone technologies and counter-measures to make it the “most effective mobile surveillance system” to combat evolving drone threats.

“Our customers trust us for solutions like the new LVSS that adapt to fast changing threat environments and offer more of the capabilities they need for mission success,” she said.

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