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US Army Introduces M1129 Stryker Mortar Carriers to Thailand

The US Army introduced its mortar-carrying M1129 Stryker vehicles to the Royal Thai Army (RTA) during a multi-national Indo-Pacific military exercise in Thailand.

The mobile platform’s first foreign client, Thailand hosted a series of training exercises to prepare for the future arrival of Strykers.

US Army personnel demonstrated maintenance procedures, elevation preparation for the mortar systems, dismount maneuvers, and live-fire exercises.

“Fielding the 112th Stryker Regiment is spearheading the ongoing development and modernization of the RTA by introducing new armored vehicles that significantly upgrade its combat capability and operational reach,” 4th Battalion Maj. Curt Belohlavek said in a press release.

He clarified that the RTA has yet to field the M1120 Strykers but is scheduled to start receiving the vehicles “in the near future.”

In addition to training the RTA in the use of Stryker systems, the military exercise provided an opportunity for the US Army to hone its skills and introduce “a new era of regional defense” to Thai soldiers.


The multi-national military exercise is held to strengthen US and Thai military cooperation and interoperability.

After the two-week event, Stryker leader Pfc. Charles Fairbairn commended the soldiers from both nations who participated.

He said that the participants were “receptive” and “really engaged” in all of the activities during the event.

“They’re ready to do anything, it doesn’t matter if it’s maintenance or dismounting from the Stryker to pull security,” he explained. “You know, really moving to it and getting stuff done.”

For 4/23rd Infantry Regiment battalion commander Duke Reim, the exercise paved the way for both nations to strengthen their relationship. Thailand has reportedly enjoyed nearly two centuries of friendly diplomatic relations with the US.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to partner with the Thailand forces,” Reim stressed. “But most importantly, we get to create those relationships, those lasting relationships.”

Stryker vehicles
Stryker vehicles lining up. Photo: Spc. Andrew Mendoza/US Army

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