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Israel Test Fires Naval Iron Dome Air Defense System

Israel test-fired the naval version of the Iron Dome missile defense system — the “C-Dome” — aboard an Israeli Navy corvette, the country’s ministry of defense (MoD) announced.

The first live fire series “simulated a number of advanced threats including rocket fire, cruise missiles & UAVs,” the MoD revealed on Twitter.

Designed by Rafael Advanced Weapons Systems, the C-Dome shields vessels from a range of threats and can engage multiple targets simultaneously, the Israel-based firm stated.


The system includes a multi-round launcher loaded with up to 10 vertical-launch canesterized interceptors, the same as used in the land-based Iron Dome. 

The highly agile interceptor has a high turn rate, capable of engaging even highly maneuverable targets. Its powerful warhead includes a proximity fuse, which further enhances its kill rate against multiple targets.

The C-Dome uses the ship’s surveillance radar for fire control, and its weapon system command and control is merged with the ship’s combat management system. 

The system’s modular design ensures that it can be integrated with various vessels, including offshore patrol vessels and small corvettes.

Israel’s Multi-Tier Missile Defense Array

Once operational, the C-Dome will join Israel’s multi-tier missile defense array, including the short-range (70 km/43.5 mi) Iron Dome, medium-range (40-300 km/25-185mi) David’s Sling, and long-range (90 km-150 km/56-93mi) anti-ballistic Arrow system. 

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett recently revealed that the country is developing a laser-based air defense system expected to be operational next year.

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