BAE, Oshkosh Cold Weather Vehicle Prototypes Survive Alaskan Trial

Two cold weather vehicle prototypes developed by BAE Systems and Oshkosh Defense have passed tests conducted in Alaska during the winter.

Competing for the US Army’s new Cold Weather All-Terrain Vehicle (CATV) program, the two prototypes are on to the next round of selection and a step closer to transporting soldiers in snowy environments.

Both platforms can carry up to nine soldiers in temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit (-45 Celcius). One of them will be chosen to replace the country’s aging Small Unit Support Vehicle.

An army spokesperson told Breaking Defense that since the prototypes were successful during the recent trials, both BAE and Oshkosh have been invited to bid on the program’s request for proposals for final production.

The US Army will choose a winner for the CATV program by the end of June.

BAE, Oshkosh CATV Prototypes

In a statement published in mid-2021, Oshkosh explained that the company has partnered with ST Engineering to address the army’s need for a proven vehicle that can maneuver in arctic environments.

The company explained that the Oshkosh CATV is derived from the Bronco 3, which has undergone nearly 2,000 miles of performance testing in arctic conditions.

“The Oshkosh CATV prototypes will offer built-in mission modularity to accommodate a variety of configurations,” the press release reads. “A general purpose vehicle, for example, can be used as a troop carrier, casualty evacuation, or command and control vehicle.”

Meanwhile, BAE Systems said that its Beowulf unarmored, tracked vehicle for carrying personnel and payloads is highly versatile and has been modified to meet the requirements of the CATV program.

Beowulf’s articulated mobility system is reportedly a key to its effectiveness, allowing for optimal maneuverability on various terrain. It features a modular design for logistical support, disaster and humanitarian relief, and search and rescue.

The CATV Program

The CATV program was launched in 2021 to produce an extreme cold weather vehicle with general-purpose and cargo variants that can transport soldiers outfitted in arctic survival equipment.

The CATV contract will last five years, with 110 vehicles delivered to the US Army by the end of 2027.

Although the precise budget for the contract was not disclosed, the service requested $16.5 million from the 2022 fiscal budget to procure new CATVs.

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