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Israel Tests Arrow 3 Ballistic Missile Defense System

Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system intercepted a target outside the Earth’s atmosphere in a planned test Tuesday morning, the ministry of defense revealed.

System radar detected the target and relayed the data to battle management control to analyze and plot the interception. Once a plan was formulated, two interceptors on separate flight paths were fired simultaneously at the target.

This was the first time two interceptors had been fired at the same time.

‘Technological Breakthroughs’

President and CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries, Boaz Levy, explained that the test yielded several breakthroughs regarding algorithms, threat detection, and the calculation of launch trajectories for interceptors.

Missile Defense Organization head Moshe Patel further explained, “We have made a breakthrough in every part of the system, in the detection arrays, in the launches, even in the interceptors themselves, so that they match the threats that are expected in the region.”

“There were highly, highly significant technological breakthroughs here that were assessed and can be used by the air force in its operational systems immediately.” 

Tested Against Iranian-Type Missile Barrage

The Arrow 3 can exo-atmospherically neutralize projectiles and their warheads closer to their launching sites. The long-range missile defense system was reportedly tested against targets similar to Iranian ballistic missiles amid ongoing tension with the Persian Gulf nation. 

Patel likened the test to a real-life barrage happening against the background of Iranian ballistic missile tests. 

The missile defense system has been jointly developed by the Missile Defense Organization and the American Missile Defense Agency. It is part of a multi-layered missile defense umbrella comprising systems to intercept short, medium, and long-range attacks. Israel is also working on the next generation, the Arrow-4.

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