BAE to Maintain Combat Readiness of Norway’s 144 CV90 IFVs

BAE Systems has signed a seven-year maintenance and modernization contract for Norway’s 144 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs).

The deal covers the procurement of components and equipment; management and engineering works; and maintenance of the system integration lab.

The upgrades, carried out by the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation and BAE Systems, will keep the CV90 among the most advanced IFVs in service.

“We are pleased to sign this contract to further secure the CV90 fleet for the future, both for ongoing sustainment and incremental capability upgrades,” said Maj Gen Lars Christian Aamodt, head of the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation

“We have today one of the world’s most modern Infantry Fighting Vehicles able to advance combined arms with air and sea systems. With this contract we aim to stay in this position for many years to come.”

BAE Systems in Scandinavia

In February 2021, Norway awarded BAE Systems a contract for 20 additional CV90s. The new order, consisting of 12 engineering vehicles and eight multi-carrier variants is expected to arrive in the country in 2023.

Last year, the company also won a contract to upgrade the Finnish military’s CV90 vehicles, which will be carried out until 2026. The $32-million contract includes a mid-life extension program that will increase the efficiency of the vehicle for future combat.

About the CV90

The CV90 comes in 15 variants. The vehicles are capable of electronic and technological upgrades, enabling the IFV to compete in the digital age.

It is compatible with a range of armaments, fire control systems, and sights to suit the nature of the combat mission. Designed to be driven by three personnel including a commander, driver, and a gunner, it can also accommodate eight soldiers.

Currently, there are over 1,300 CV90s of all variants in active service. Norway is one of the seven European countries deploying the vehicle, the others being Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland, Estonia, and Sweden.

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