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US Marines Seeking New Counter-Drone Tech

The US Marine Corps has issued a request for information for new technology to prevent enemy unmanned aerial systems (UAS) from attacking military assets.

The weapon system the service seeks must be capable of neutralizing drones and connecting to a wide range of military networks. It must also defend military facilities against drones of up to 1,320 pounds (598 kilograms).

According to the US Department of Defense, the exponential growth of UAS worldwide has created new risks for the military. It stated that while the system can be considered an advantage for the service, it also poses a danger in the hands of criminals and enemy forces.

The request for information stipulates the Marines’ interest in the number of “engagements” a potential interceptor can endure.

“Swarms of UAS operating independently or augmented with manned systems, facial recognition algorithms, and high-speed digital communication networks, such as fifth-generation cellular networks will create new levels of complexity,” the defense department said, as quoted by FedScoop.

The new counter-drone tech that the US Marines hope to acquire will become part of the Marine Air Defense Integrated System, which will enable it to be mounted on tactical vehicles to protect troops.

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