Russian Army’s Urals Division Receives First ‘Terminator’ Combat Vehicles

The Russian Army has established its first company of “Terminator” fighting vehicles with the 90th Guards Tank Division in the Urals’ Central Military District, according to the state TASS news agency.

Central Military District Commander Colonel-General Alexander Lapin made the announcement on Wednesday, explaining that the Terminators will fulfill a tank support role within the 90th Tank Division, stationed in the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Regions.

“The first regular company of nine tank support fighting vehicles in the Russian Armed Forces was introduced into the table of organization and equipment of a tank regiment of the military district’s armored division,” the commander said.

He added that the new combat vehicles will take part in “large-scale drills” in June of 2022.

Terminator Armored Fighting Vehicle

Described as “a multi-purpose heavily armored and armed tracked fire support fighting vehicle,” the Terminator features high maneuverability, advanced fire control, and powerful armament.

The tracked, multi-purpose fighting vehicle is also reportedly “heavily armored” and “capable of striking light armored targets, tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, [and operating] jointly with battlefield air defense systems to fight enemy helicopters and low-flying low-speed aircraft.”

“I am deeply convinced that this materiel will successfully accomplish combat tasks in combined arms warfare and in compliance with modern requirements as the most effective weapon both to support tanks and address a broad range of missions in the mountains and in populated localities,” General Lapin said.

Last December, Terminator tank support vehicles arrived at the Urals Tank Division for crew training and “operational evaluation.” After the trials, which were regarded as successful, the decision was made to form a company of the new vehicles for tank support.

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