Morocco to Increase Military Spending

The Moroccan government has announced the ratification of the country’s draft finance law for 2022, marking an increase in defense and military spending of 4.77 percent over last year.

The country plans to spend $12.8 billion in bolstering its military capabilities by acquiring state-of-the-art equipment, including fighter jets, tanks, training aircraft, arms, and ammunition.

The proposed budget also highlights the African nation’s future procurement plans, including submarines, radar systems, short and medium-range missile systems, and naval vessels.

In addition to armaments, the budget would allow the Department of National Defence to open 10,800 positions, doubling the number of jobs allocated for 2021.

Meanwhile, a leading international firm specializing in marketing management has forecast that by 2022, the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces will become the largest military power in Africa.

Decline in Arms Imports

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institution (SIPRI) revealed that Morocco was ranked number two in the list of arms importers in Africa, following Algeria. However, between 2011 and 2015, Morocco’s arms imports declined by 60 percent.

With the proposed increase in military spending for 2022, the country is expected to rise again as a top arms importer on the continent. It will also help Morocco address rising tension in the Sahel region and the continued threat of terrorism.

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