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China Conducts First Underwater Demolition Exercise

China has conducted its first-ever underwater demolition exercise which aimed to gather a large amount of data that could be used in striking enemy ports, according to a report by state outlet Global Times.

Organized by an institute under the Naval Research Academy, the underwater test targeted a simulated hostile dockyard at an undisclosed naval port. It reportedly destroyed the platform with high-powered explosives.

To collect more data from the exercise, the institute installed an array of sensors at key structural points of the target. The data were then analyzed to evaluate the exercise and how the explosives demolished the wharf.

According to the Deputy Director of the Naval Port Demolition Test Program Capt. Zhao Pengduo, naval bases are “core hubs” in combat since they are the usual destination of logistics support vessels. He further stated that destroying these ports could cut off enemy supplies, including munitions and fuel.

‘Killing Off Enemy Potential’

A Beijing-based military expert who requested anonymity told the Chinese newspaper that destroying enemy ports plays a vital role in combat scenarios, including countering a potential US Navy attack on China.

He claims that the US now utilizes smaller locations to transport military supplies to make it more difficult for the Asian giant to detect the movements and counter them.

Demolishing naval bases could cause enemy logistics support to fail, negatively affecting dispersed fighting forces.

“If we can use stealthy ways, like underwater explosions to destroy the ports, we can kill off the enemy’s war potential,” Zhao stressed.

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