Austrian Company Unveils ‘AK-47-Proof’ Helmet

Austrian helmet manufacturer Ulbrichts has unveiled its latest rifle helmet, claiming that it shields against Kalashnikov and AR-15 rounds.

The Schwanenstadt-based company claims that the VPAM 6 standard helmet not only halts the full speed 7.62×39 MSC (mild steel core) and NATO caliber 7.62×51 NATO (M80) (NIJ III) bullets but also prevents backface deformation — the indent that a bullet makes in back of the helmet after striking it — causing skull and brain damage.

Ulbrichts claims that the titanium-composite helmet restricts the residual energy released upon a bullet impact from more than 2,000 joules to well below the survivable 25 joules. The helmet weighs 500 grams.

A ZENTURIO C1300 Special task force helmet. Image: Ulbrichts

Forehead Shield, Visor

“Tests according to MIL-STD (military standard) at a certified US NIJ (National Institute of Justice) and MIL laboratory show that the average value of backface deformation hit by a Kalashnikov steel core round is lower than 10mm, while most other helmets can not manage comparable values against 9mm handgun ammunition,” the company revealed on its website.

“Furthermore, the residual kinetic energy of this system is far below 25 Joules when hit by the Kalashnikov 7.62x39mm MSC.”

In February, the company unveiled its modular VPAM 6 forehead shield ‘FORTIS’ and the VPAM-6 visor for extra protection. The company is pitching the helmets for first responders, law enforcement, and special service officers. The standalone VPAM 6 helmet will be available from next year. 

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