‘Field of View’ Issue Delays US Next-Gen Goggle Deployment

The US Army has announced a postponement in fielding its next-generation Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) goggles after an issue with the device’s wider “field of view” was recently discovered.

Initially scheduled for operational testing this fall, the IVAS goggles are designed to provide troopers with an 80-degree field of view during missions. However, it was discovered that the goggle loses resolution when sight is widened for peripheral vision.

According to a Breaking Defense report, army officials revealed that IVAS developers are conducting “minor reductions” in the system to improve device quality and visibility.

“The Army is fully committed to its partnership with Microsoft to advance specific technologies to meet operational requirements and maximize warfighter impact,” the Program Executive Office said in a press release. “This decision allows the Army and Industry team to continue to enhance the IVAS technology platform.”

The new schedule is for operational testing to begin in May 2022. Developers expect to field the goggles by September 2022.

About IVAS Goggles

Designed based on a militarized version of Microsoft HoloLens, the IVAS goggles use augmented reality to help soldiers see through thick smoke and extreme darkness. It can provide users with a 3D map of the battlefield and features rapid target acquisition capability.

The device can sync with vehicle sensors to give troopers inside the vehicle a high-definition view of people and objects outside. Moreover, soldiers can use the goggles to see through enemy vehicles on the battlefield.

In addition to these capabilities, the IVAS goggles feature state-of-the-art technology that allows the device to translate foreign languages for users. It can also monitor temperatures through its digital thermal sensors.

“This is something that none of us [imagined] we would see in our careers,” Sgt. John Martin said in February. “It’s futuristic technology that we’ve all talked about and seen in movies and video games, but it’s something that we never [imagined] we would have the chance to fight with.”

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