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China Introduces Next-Gen QBZ-191 Assault Rifle

China North Industries Group Corporation (NORINCO) officially unveiled the country’s next-generation QBZ-191 assault rifle during the China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Guangdong province.

Though the public caught a first glimpse of the weapon at a military parade in Beijing, guests at the international aerospace trade show could see the rifle up close and handle it.

According to China South Industries Group Corporation, the QBZ-191 5.8mm rifle has received positive feedback from People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers and officials.

QBZ-191 Features

Designed and manufactured by NORINCO, the QBZ-191 rifle features a traditional layout, including a magazine in front of the pistol grip. It is visually similar to the US AR-15 and M16 rifles, as well as European assault rifles.

The QBZ-191 generally uses standard 5.8x42mm caliber rounds. However, the developer said a new round will be used to hit targets at medium and long range.

The infantry version of the weapon will feature a 14.5-inch barrel with an effective range of 300 meters, while the marksman version can hit targets at 400 meters. Both versions have a rate of fire of 750 rounds per minute.

“Now, the 191 series rifles have been used by the PLA in all kinds of environments within the country’s territory and have performed very well,” the developer said, as quoted by The National Interest. “Very soon the PLA and the armed police force will be fully armed with these new rifles.”

The QBZ-191 assault rifle will reportedly replace the QBZ-95-1 Bullpup in service since 1997.

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