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Lockheed, Shoal to Deliver Military Satellite Communication System to Australia

American aerospace company Lockheed Martin is partnering with Australian engineering firm Shoal Group to deliver next-generation military satellite communications (SATCOM) systems to the Australian Defence Forces.

Under the Joint Project (JP) 9102 program, the two companies will provide an independent communications network and enhanced space control program to bolster Australia’s military capabilities.

Lockheed will be responsible for overall solution design, while Shoal will take care of SATCOM early-stage systems engineering, essential project reviews, milestones, modeling, and simulations.

Adelaide-based Shoal brings a team of experts in the use of digital design tools and analytics to minimize risks and maximize schedule assurance for the program.

“Shoal Group specializes in engineering solutions for complex systems of systems,” head of business development at Shoal Group, Shaun Wilson, said in a press release. “This teaming agreement combines Shoal Group’s expertise and Lockheed Martin’s optimal solution for a resilient, operationally superior military satellite system.”

Addressing Reliance on Other SATCOMs

The next-generation military SATCOM being developed for Australia will reportedly address the country’s reliance on satellite communications provided by its international allies and commercial companies.

It will also help the Australian Defence Forces transform into a force centered around advanced platforms that can support networked operations at greater distances.

“JP9102 solution will be [Australia’s] comprehensive resilience against an increasingly diverse and evolving portfolio of counter-space threats, recognizing the new realities of space as a contested warfighting domain,” Lockheed explained in a press release.

Meanwhile, Wilson expressed Shoal’s new partnership with the American defense firm reflects the “trust, respect, and skillsets” that the two companies can offer for a project “of this scale and importance.”

The collaboration will also help both firms strengthen their legacy in producing vital systems for a variety of domains, including undersea warfare, integrated air and missile defense, and space-based communications.

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